Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long day

Work was really long today. I was scheduled a 10 hour day, but ended up working almost 12 hours because they did not have the staff to relieve me. I knew that would happen sooner or later. I was in an eye room, so we were not being fussed at. Almost all of our eye doctors are really nice. There were a lot of worse places I could have been, so I was willing to stay.
Now I just get to work tomorrow for 8 hours, and then I am off for the weekend. Yay!

On the IF front, I never did make that appointment for the ultrasound of the uterus. The RE likes to do it about 10 days after your period starts. Unfortunately, he is going on vacation the rest of July. So I need to call for an appointment when my period starts in August. Sigh. I guess it has waited this long, it can wait another cycle. Then I will start all of this injectable stuff in the fall. After being in school so long, fall always feels like a good time to start new things.

I am really looking forward to my long weekend. I think it will feel really good to have to have the day off. It will be good to see my family again, too. It has been a while since I have seen the Grandparents.

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JamieD said...

Enjoy your weekend off!! I hope you have a great holiday!