Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Looking up.

I am very excited because it looks like we may actually be able to leave the area. At least, I will be able to leave the area. I have a job! A hospital has offered to let me work in their OR! I am so excited I can hardly believe it. It is a level one trauma center, so I am sure I will see some interesting things. Hubby has an interview on the 19th, and we are both keeping our fingers crossed that it will work out.

I think I am hitting mid cycle because I am starting to feel more upbeat about stuff, and generally more happy. Of course, getting a job helps a bit! I have not touched my BBT thermometer this month, and it feels like a vacation. It is a nice break not to have infertility stuff you need to do. At least for the time being. It all starts again in December, though. But for right now, I can just cruise.

I have to work the next three nights, which sort of sucks. I started counting down the time I have left in my job. I have about six weeks left. That feels good, too. It was such a relief to put in my resignation. I gave a lot of notice, but I wanted to have a definite end point. It makes a difference.

I was looking at other blogs, and realized I am not sure if I care if anyone reads mine. It is very personal, and sort of selfish, but it is an outlet. I think it is helping me just to do it. Maybe as the site evolves, I will care more. But right now, I am just enjoying posting on it and using it as a journal.

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