Saturday, December 22, 2007

Murphy's Law

Well, what else can go wrong? Stuff seems to be going downhill on all fronts right now.

I heard from Hubby that he talked to our real estate agent about the couple who came back for a second look at the house with a contractor. Apparently after looking at it with the contractor, they lost interest because they thought there is too much to do on the house. I think that just sucks. I hate it, but I guess all I can do is go on. I will work on some stuff after the holidays. Call contractors, and stuff like that. Some of the little stuff I may be able to do myself.

My check from work never got direct deposited, like I thought it would. Now my account is overdrawn. Fortunately Hubby let me cover it with money from his account. I really hope they are mailing my check to me. Also, they need to pay me my PTO I never used. I need that money to get me through January since I will not be working.

Then, just the icing on the cake, my temps have dipped below 98.0 this morning, which means my period is on its way. Ain’t that just a merry Christmas present. I will likely feel better after my period starts, but I will be grumpy and irritable until then. I was expecting it, but getting my period is never any fun.

Needless to say, I am not in a Christmas mood right now. I plan on working out at some point this morning, hopefully that will help me let some of this go. I just want to break down and cry at how hopeless everything seems right now. I feel like if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. What a mess. I am trying to let stuff go until after the holiday. There is not much I can do about this stuff until after Christmas, anyway. Some of this stuff may have to wait until the new year.

I have a wrapping marathon to do today. I have not done a whole lot of wrapping yet, and time is running out. I did get some eggnog from the ABC store. I may have a glass of that this afternoon to make things easier. Or at least seem easier.

I hope everyone has a good holiday!

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