Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back in Civilization

I thought I would post a picture of my "babies." The dog on the right is our boy Oscar, and the dog on the left is our girl Gertrude. The little cat is named Belle. Now that we have high speed internet, I can post pictures! Now I just need to take more pictures..

I have not updated in a while because things have been really hectic. We finally moved out of Tappahannock, and the change in both of us is amazing. Hubby is more relaxed, and he is enjoying some of the routine activities that were such a pain before we moved. People in the grocery stores are nice and polite. The food looks good and appetizing. Not to mention the beer and wine selection.

The house still has not sold, though we do appear to have someone interested in buying the house. Now if we could get them to stop looking at it, and just put in an offer, we would be really happy.

I am very exited about my job. It is so awesome to be in the OR again! I am very excited to learn to scrub and possibly specialize in one area. The people all seem to be really nice, and appear to be happy to be there. Even when they complain, they are pretty positive about what they do and where they work. Of course, people could be putting on a brave face for the new hire. In general though, people seem happy. We will see how well I live with this job.

I did not realize that Lent started yesterday until my mother emailed me. I am not catholic, but I like the custom of giving up something for Lent. I decided to give up cable TV. We were sort of already doing it, but now we will wait until spring instead of “just until we can afford it.” I think it will be good for me. I think I had gotten used to wasting time in front of the TV, and now I can get back to things I want to do, such as regular meditation and regular workouts. The other part of the Lent custom is to do something. I decided to journal all my food on Weight Watchers. I am paying for the service, and I have not really used it the past couple of months. I will try to do better with that. We will see how it goes. I will try to keep the site updated on my progress.

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Jendeis said...

Welcome back to civilization! I'm so glad that everything seems to be going well for you guys. Keeping my fingers crossed on the house!