Monday, February 25, 2008

Mostly Smooth Sailing

I meant to post this over the weekend, and got sidetracked. I think I have PMS. It is about the right time, and I have the usual symptoms; crabbiness, bloating, chocolate cravings. I fly off the handle at the slightest thing lately.

Things seem to be going smoothly, for the most part.

We finally sold our house. It sold for lower than we wanted, but it did sell. Thank goodness. Now we have one less payment to worry about. We are waiting on a settlement date, though. Hopefully we will know something soon.

Hubby’s practice is going well, and taking off slowly. He has started making the rounds of the courts and local lawyers for the past week, and he already has about five cases. They are all court appointed or pro bono, but you have to start somewhere. I think that is a good sign. He has one client from Tappahannock who wanted to keep him on, and they are paying him. That is also kind of neat, I think. Heis doing a lot of juvenile cases. He has experience doing juvie stuff, and has also done guardian ad lidem cases. Most of the courts in the area are really happy about that. He is thinking of getting into bankruptcy law, as well. Apparently there is only one other lawyer in the New River Valley who does bankruptcy law. It all seems to be going well.

I am finally learning everything I need to do to do my job. As an OR nurse, I need to be able to scrub and circulate. I have been sent hither and yon to see how things were done at this hospital. It is sort of neat. It gave me an idea of the big picture and I think it will help me as a circulator and a scrub. I finally got to start scrubbing Friday. I reviewed some info on scrubbing this weekend. I usually am reluctant to do pre-reading, but I think I needed to in this case. It will help me learn it faster and hopefully do a better job. I also need to get a notebook for cheat sheets and other useful info. As I work with all the different surgeons, I can learn how they do things and what equipment they will need. I understand a lot of this information in theory, but it always seems different when you do it in practice. Today I scrubbed in on hernia repairs all day. I sort of get it. If I could get past my nervousness, I would probably do better. I am new, and I will get better with time.

It is sort of funny. I am really excited about learning to scrub. It is a skill I know I need to do my job. But I really do not like being bad at things. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and anal to boot. If it is bad or wrong I do not like it. As I start to learn, I will make mistakes, and I need to accept than. I do not have to like it, but I can accept it and learn from it. It will likely help me learn faster if I learn from my mistakes.

I attended a Quaker meeting on Sunday, and one of the women in the group talked about being comfortable with uncertainty. I have a lot of that right now. I never know what the next day will bring. I need to be open to anything. That is tough for me. I like to anticipate what will happen and plan for it. I am trying to be open to uncertainty. It is pretty scary.

In other news…
Our boy dog has been having trouble going down stairs. Hubby took him to the vet, and the vet thinks it may be early onset of wobblers syndrome. That is a bit of a concern for us. I hope we caught it early enough that we can treat it. He got a steroid shot and is staking prednisone for a little while. We a little concerned about the steroid though. He has been drinking a lot, and he has been really hungry lately. He is peeing out all the water he drinks, and the dose gets reduced starting today. I may wait and see if it gets better with the reduced dose. I have not noticed weight loss, but it has only been a few days. We may call the vet, and make sure there is nothing we need to worry about. His gait is better, though. Hopefully this will help, and it will degenerate and come back.

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