Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Settling in

Not much to say right now. Work is going fine. I have moved on to my neuro rotation now. I find I miss the pathophysiology I saw with general, eyes, and GYN. Eventually I will be back there, I think. I have about a month left of my orientation. I think it will be nice to be able to settle into a specialty and get to know the surgeons and procedures.

The move went smoothly and we are settling into the new house well. I want to paint a room and rearrange some furniture this weekend. I think Hubby may be willing to help me. We have this horribly red room. The red is almost orange, and the color is just awful. I just want to put up a primer coat of paint so that we can use it. Eventually I will get around to painting the room a color I like, but I have to get rid of that red first.

Dogs are doing well. Gertrude and I have had one obedience class. I think it went well. She was a lot better behaved than many of the other dog there. I think we do a lot of training with our dogs, in general. Gertrude was also older than many of the other dogs, so she was a lot calmer. I think the class will be good for both Gertrude and I. Oscar may benefit, as well because he is getting some training, too.


~Jess said...

I'm glad that you're slowly getting settled in: Isn't it a wonderful feeling when things start to return to "normal"?

VA Blondie said...

It is a good feeling when things settle. Though I still feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think I have been tense for so long, I forgot what relaxed feel like. It feels good.