Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Big Move

Moving ranks as one of the most stressful things to do in life. I am not sure where I read that, but I think it is true. Neither Hubby nor I deal very well with change. We also handle it very differently. I want to do it like removing a band-aid. Very quickly. I want to get the change over with so that I can adjust to life after the change. Hubby wants to change slowly, with caution and a whole lot of planning.

We have been talking about moving since last summer. Hubby promised me that we would move in January. January is almost gone, and our move date has pushed back to February. I can deal with that, because we are moving. Hubby is not happy about how we are moving. He feels like the move is too quick, and we are moving before everything is right. Our house has not sold. He does not have a job, and is starting his own practice. He is leaving a thriving pratice to start a new one in a new part of the state. He is leaving his connections and his stability.

I just want out. I hate it out here. I am leaving nothing. I have no support system. I worked outside the community I lived in. I could never get invovled in a church because my schedule prevented it. All the community activities were not at times I could make it. They were also likely to be an hour away. Everything is an hour away out here. I had to take half a day off just to drop my car off at the dealership for repairs. I am very happy and excited about moving to Roanoke where I have the beginnings of a support system. One of my good friends moved to Roanoke, and I am very excited to be close to her. I have connections to the nursing school out there because that is where I went to nursing school and did all of my clinicals. My alma mater is in Roanoke, and it may be interesting to get more involved there. I had a life in southwest Virginia, and I left it so that Hubby could further his career. Now Hubby can make me happy by moving back to that area. I cannot live out here any more. Marriage is supposed to be a give and take. I gave when I moved out here. Now I am taking so I can move back to Roanoke.

I think Hubby is getting more excited about the move the closer it comes. We are both looking forward to high speed internet, more chioces in pizza delivery, and better and more numerous restaurants. I am a foodie and an oenophole, and there is a distinct lack of places to eat in Tappahannock. Most of the places that are out here are mediocre. I am looking forward to being close to civilzation. I think I am a city girl at heart, and living this far out in the country did not agree with me. I used to teach in Grayson County when I lived in Radford, and I would joke with my students that Radford was a rural as I get. The sad thing is I think that is true. I need to be within a half hour of civilization to be happy.

More of our stuff is being boxed up, the moving van is rented, and I am mentally ready to leave. I think I have been ready to leave for months. Now it is here and I cannot believe it. I am crossing my fingers that the move goes smoothly.

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