Friday, January 18, 2008


My mother says that I am a little worried today. That is probably about right. I ended up snowed in at my parents house after my trip to Roanoke. Hubby called this morning to let me know that there was someone coming to see the house this afternoon. He told me to stay where I am with the dogs, and come home this afternoon. He said he would take care of the cleaning. I am worried about this because he is not as fastidious as I am about staging the house for show. He is working his way through it. If I refrain from calling every hour for an update, it will probably go faster, and he might be more thorough. I need to let this go, and let him do it, and trust he will do a good job.

Selling the house is now a large priority. Hubby got rejected from yet another job, and he has decided to set up his own practice. We need the money from the house to let him to set up his practice. Not to mention, we need that money to afford IVF. I think the infertility tretment is in the back of both of our minds. If Hubby starts his practice, it may be tougher for us to do IVF.

So, I have not seen Hubby for over two days, and I miss home, and miss my bed. I am crossing my fingers that something good will happen soon.

I have been lurking on infertility blogs a lot lately. I think I find it comforting to know that I am not the only one. Many of these ladies are going through the same things I am. Waiting seems to be one common issue among all of us. There is not much to do while waiting, so we try to fill the time as best we can.

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