Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Darn it

So many times, stuff does not turn out like you think it will. We thought we had someone coming to see the house on Monday. Hubby had interviews in Roanoke on Monday, starting in the morning. So we made plans to stage the house for show and then clear out unitl Monday night.

Well, Hubby's interviews went off as scheduled. One did not turn out, and the other I wish he would think about whether he really wants to do it. Unfortuantely, our idiot real estate agent did not call and let us know the people would not be coming until the weekend. So I did all this work on the house to get it ready to show, and it was all for nothing. And I have to do it all again this weekend, whenever our real estate agent decides to tell us they are coming. I think it was really inconsiderate of our real estate agent not to call and tell us of the change in plans. He does not like to talk to me, but he could have called Hubby's cell. It did make me realize that this guy may not be the best real estate agent for us. If the house has not sold by the end of our contract, I think we are going to switch agents. Grrr. Some people are such idiots.

I did get a wonderful time with my parents. I really enjoyed that. They help me put perspective on things. Mom told me to let go, and let things happen. Good advice, but hard to do. Letting go sounds so easy, but it is so hard to do. I am a bit of a control freak, and letting go is not easy for me. I will try, though.
Mom also bought me a new pair of running shoes. I love them. I save them for workouts on my treadmill, and they are great. Nothing like a new pair of shoes to make things better.

I go back to Roanoke tomorrow for the health exam for my job. I will also do stuff with the house we are renting. I am pretty excited about it. It is sort of funny, because I am leaving the dogs at my parents house. I am coming back there after I do everything in Roanoke and spending the night. They are my babies right now, and I worry about them when I am not there. Hopefully the weather will hold for all my travels. I think they are expecting show and ice this week in Roanoke.

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