Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another year gone...

Sigh. Another year has passed without conception. I was very hopeful until we started the infertility treatment. It does look like the only way to get us pregnant with Hubby's sperm is IVF. I made it official on December 27. I called my RE's office and told them I started my period on Christmas Eve (which was true), and that we would wait until spring and try IVF at that time. I put my bbt thermometer away, and will try to get as healthy as possible for all the poking and prodding that comes with IVF. Hopefully having the next months off infertility treatment will get me used to the idea of IVF.

I will go back to weight watchers. I need to be honest about my weight, so I weighed myself this morning, and recorded that number on my weight watchers home page. Of course, I gained wieght. Now I have to lose all that weight again. I will continue to do my walk/runs. That helps, allows me to eat better, and is a great stress reliever.

I think I will also try to go back to my Flylady routines. She has a great system to get you organized. I will be working long hours on my next job. Now is the time to get organized and get my routines in place. I broke out my Flying notebook, and I need to go through it and reorganize it. Maybe I will reread her book to get me motivated. January is a good time to get organized. New year, new resolutions

Everything feels like it is in a holding pattern right now. I have the whole month of January to get packed for our move across the state. I cannot wait. It hardly seems real. It may seem more real as I pack.

We had one couple come look at our house the day after Christmas. Hopefully this will be the one. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hubby also sent off a couple more job applications. Hopefully one of them will work out.

Hubby's birthday is coming up this Friday. I decided to try making him a strawberry cake for his birthday. He likes strawberrries, and he likes pink. I am not the best cake baker in the world, but we will see what happens. I do not think he will mind if it is imperfect.


Jendeis said...

Hi! I am also a need-to-lose-weighter and a lover-of-FlyLady. The 15 minutes mantra is what gets me through the bad days of IF and the mess of my house. Oh, and Sink Reflections has a lot of good tips for moving.

Just wanted to let you know that someone is out here and listening to you. :)

VA Blondie said...

Thanks for the words of support. I like all the lists Flylady has. I am a compulsive list-maker, and her system is list intensiive. I am re-reading Sink Relfections, and even shined my sink yesterday. Babysteps!

I try to use centering prayer techniques to help with the bad times. They have a welcoming prayer which helps me a lot. I feel more relaxed after I say it. I have put some of my centering prayer needs on my list. I seem to do better when I regularly meditate.

Thanks for the comments!