Friday, June 27, 2008

Doctor stuff

Update on doctor stuff.

Here is my decision on Dr Sweetness vs Dr Random. In general, the division in GYN medicine is gyno/uro or obstetrics. If they do gyno/uro, they do not do a lot with babies. If they do babies, they do not do a lot of gyn surgery. As a result, at my work I see a lot of the gyno/uro docs, and not a lot of the baby docs. The baby docs have their own OR on a different floor. I sort of want to get to know the doctor who will be following my pregnancy, so I think I will stay with Dr Random. I know that office is good, and has a good reputation. I think I should get to know the baby docs, too.

My appointment with the RE was wonderful. Except they did not have our records from our Richmond doctor. We signed releases as we left, so hopefully they will have the records soon. We filled in what we remembered, but our memory is imperfect. We did the best we could. After hearing our history and examining me, the RE gave us a couple of options. He wants me to come in for a sonohysterogram next week. The lining of the uterus looked a little thick, and he wants to make sure there is not a fibroid or other abnormal reason for the thickness. After that, he said we could certainly think about donor sperm, but he suggested trying a couple rounds of IUI with injectables using Hubby's sperm. I think the chances of success increase a little bit with injectables. This is what Hubby wants to do before going to donor insemination. At least then we will know we tried everything. I am willing to go with it. I need to call to make the appointment for the sonohysterogram today. When I see Dr RE next, I may let him know we are going to try the injectables for a couple of months.

Does anyone have anything to share about your experiences with injectable medication? I would love to hear it.


~Jess said...

I hope the IUI/injectible cycles work for you! I don't have any info on the injectibles. I know our RE quoted us $3500 for meds alone. We decided to do a round of clomid first. If that doesn't work, then the next will be injectibles.

One thing I've noticed is that you can find a lot of info about IVF but not IUI.

Good luck!

Trace said...

Hmm, we didn't do any injectibles w/our IUIs. We went from Clomid to IVF. I just started Lupron on Monday and it's been no problem since it's subcutaneous and you can inject into your stomach or legs. For IVF atleast there are some injections that have very long needles that have to injected into your butt and my husband has to do those for me.

Check and see if your insurance covers the meds. My insurance does not cover any of the infertility stuff except for diagnostic testing, but if
DID cover the meds (no one was more surprised than me).

Tammy said...

Oh I am glad you had a good visit. Hopefully you will not need d/s if you use injectibles.

My RE is really scared to do IUI with me using injectibles because 150 of Clomid gives me at least two good eggs each time. Sometimes 3. Good Luck.

annacyclopedia said...

Well, I'm medication free for this, my first IUI cycle, except for the hCG shot to release the egg and then 5 days later a little booster of the same stuff. I agree about wanting to know you tried everything, and it seems like it's a good intermediate step between where you are now and switching to donor sperm.

I've done my own injections this cycle and it was pretty easy cause it's subcutaneous. Just stab it in like a dart and you're done! I was really nervous before learning how, but it's easier than I thought it would be. But I'm not squeamish about needles, so that helps a lot.

Good luck and thanks for the update!