Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think I am happy.

I love what I do. I love being a nurse in the OR, and I love doing GYN surgery. I have been very happy this past week or two because what I do is very rewarding to me. I am beginning to realize that I am good at what I do. I know there is a lot I need to learn to become an expert in the field, but I am enjoying learning it. It almost feels too good to be true. I am starting to wonder when I am going to come crashing down. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts and worry about coming down later.

I have been off of orientation for a couple of weeks and I am still getting used to being on my own. I suspect it will take me six months to a year to truly feel comfortable. Right now it is difficult for me to sit back and relax while I am circulating. I think it will come with time, and I probably need to chill out. All I can say is that I am trying.

I am almost done with Gertrude’s obedience class, and I have sent in her application for agility. I am sort of excited about it. I hope the agility will be more playful than the obedience. I have a hard time being playful with the obedience stuff, for some reason. I went to watch some agility trials last weekend, and it looked like fun. (Despite the heat.) The obstacles looked so happy and brightly colored. People seemed to be having a good time,

Oscar is doing well. He continues to get better every day. He has no problems jumping up on our Rice bed at night. I think the effort wears him out, though. He still gets a head tilt if he gets tired and he wears out pretty easily. But he is getting stronger every day, and I think he is happy to be home. We are happy to have him home.

My IF appointment is next Thursday. I hope it goes well. I almost hope the doctor is running late. Likely I will be running late, and that would put us on similar schedules. Hubby said he could make it, and I think he has blocked off the afternoon on his calendar. It is not a day I am on call or late, so I should be able to get out on time, provided all goes well.


SAHW said...

It sure sounds like you're happy! Don't think about when it will come crashing down...there's no reason to think it will.

edie & ella said...

there will be days in nursing when it does all come crashing down. we all have those days. by the time you reach the end of your first year you will be doing things with your eyes closed... it's amazing how much more comfortable it feels the longer you do it. i remember feeling scared to death to do even simple things -- now i don't even flinch. it becomes second nature. you will start to feel your groove now that you are off orientation and can do things the way they work for you and not the person orienting you. good luck sam

JamieD said...

I am glad you are enjoying your work!! It makes such a difference, especially when you spend as much time at work as you do with call and stuff.

Good luck at your IF appointment. I'll be thinking of you!

~Jess said...

That is great that you can say you enjoy your work: Not many people can.

I'm so glad to hear that Oscar is doing better. I loved the picture of him up on the bed...looking all innocent.

How did your appt go? I've been thinking about you.