Monday, June 9, 2008

Show n Tell n Stuff

I am finally getting around to doing my show and tell. My show and tell this week is a story about a room of my own.

When we bought the house we live in now, the previous owners had painted all the rooms very dark colors. They may have liked living in a cave, but my personal preference is for much lighter colors. I guess somewhere along the way the previous owners wanted a room which was brighter than the others, so they painted one room red.

It looked like this:

The color through the computer does not do it justice, I think. The room glowed red whenever you turned on the overhead light. It was very garish. The color made me angry just going in the room. I could not function in there, and I could not get past the red. I finally took a weekend a put a couple coats of primer on the walls until I could figure out what color I wanted to paint it.

The next weekend I went to Lowe's to buy paint. I decided on yellow because yellow is my favorite color and makes me very happy. They did not have the exact color I wanted, but I decided to take a risk and try a color which looked close.

Here is what the room looks like now:

This is also where I do all my internet surfing and stuff. I love having a laptop. The bed is from my paternal grandmother. I free hand painted the vine border around the top. I have always wanted to do a vine. I love the organic feel of it. In case you are wondering, the yellow is one of the American Heritage colors from Lowe's. It is Grand Hotel Awning Yellow. Just a wonderful, happy color. I found the American Heritage colors are usually excellent. I have not gone wrong choosing any of them.

*********In Other News**********

I started my period today. Sigh. The first day is always a mess, and of course it would happen on a day my job skills are put to the test. Thank goodness someone else gets to launder my scrubs. One of the benefits to working in the OR. My job skills were put to the test today because I circulated in a room by myself with a fairly particular surgeon. The day actually went really well. The surgeon was still smiling at the end of the day, and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face. I think I am going to end up in his rooms again. I sometimes feel like I am hosting a party when I circulate. I am trying to make sure everyone has everything they need to make them happy. I was also doing GYN surgery which makes me very happy.

Getting my period did cause me to reschedule my OB/GYN appointment. From what I can tell, I think I have a good OB/GYN office. At least that is what I could gather from the very small sample of people I polled.

My appointment with the IF doc is next week. Hubby has even put it on his calendar. What a sweetheart. We are in this together.

Oscar is on the mend, though still in the doggie ICU. He still has the megaesophagus. They started him on wet food and oral thyroid medication today. They are watching for any trouble swallowing. He aspirated a little yesterday, but they caught it quickly and started him on antibiotics. He has not gotten any worse or better since they started him on food, so they are just going to watch him for right now. I think they are going to start him on dry food tomorrow. His neuro symptoms have almost all cleared up. I am hoping we will get him home soon.


SAHW said...

I cringed when I saw the old looks almost exactly like a room in the house my parents bought when I was 6 years old! Our red was even darker, and my mom was about to have my brother, so my family never got around to repainting it. I always felt like it was the "creepy" room and tried not to go in there if I didn't have to, lol. You did an awesome job with the room! The color is beautiful, and I'm so impressed with your freehand skills!

SAHW said...

PS, forgot to say...I hope all goes well with the appointment. Keep us posted.

JamieD said...

Love the color!! My bedroom was yellow growing up and I have always had a soft spot for it.

Good luck at your appointment and I am glad Oscar is doing well. Keep us posted!

JamieD said...

Love the color!! My bedroom was yellow growing up and I have always had a soft spot for it.

Good luck at your appointment and I am glad Oscar is doing well. Keep us posted!

DC said...

I'm so glad Oscar is on the mend!

I think we used the same gold-ish color from Lowe's in our living room. Love it!! :)

Lori said...

You did great with the room. That was a case of "what were they THINKing!?"

Good wishes for you and Oscar.

Trace said...

The room looks GREAT!

~Jess said...

I like the yellow, and the vining: The white looks great against the yellow!
I'm glad that Oscar is doing better. I hope that your appt goes well: Here's to moving forward.

Kim said...

Wow that was really red. i love yellow for a room! So calm and peaceful! Hope the appt. goes well! NCLM